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August 2, 2011



I wore these in the 70's ...80's...90's...and i am STILL wearing these...I have many pairs, i would buy them when ever I saw them!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

Robin Jones

yes in a heart beat~ better than flip-flops~ made in America?

Lauren V.

My mom used to wear these all the time. In fact, she fell off of a pair when she was very pregnant with my brother!

A. L. Fikar

I have been wearing them for 30 years. The only way to keep my back from going out.
A few years ago I could only find them on EBay. I have 4 pair that I rotate. I'm due for new ones but am jobless so the clunking wood will have to do.
My only regret is that the material they use on the bottom doen't last as long as the material they used to use.


Such a great classic! Thank you for your great posts and for all the work that surely goes into them. With best.

Shelly Gregory

I had an assortment of Dr.Scholls, and I loved them then, but I'm not sure I'd wear them everyday today! I am tickled that you found this ad and posted! Thanks for the memories!

Grace Chavez

where can i find them? Does anyone know! I've been looking for them, but can only find them used on ebay.

Natalie Soud

Hi Grace! You can buy new ones on the Dr Scholls website :) http://www.drschollsshoes.com/en-US/Womens/_/Dr.+Scholl's/Sandals/_/Products.aspx


Hi I just love Dr Scholls wooden (Pescura) sandals. I live in Australia and you wouldn't believe the trouble I have gone to get some of these! I'm desperate to have more pairs. They don't sell them in Australia anymore (which is so sad) and once they were so readily available in every chemist shop, but mostly only in beige. I had my first pair at age 8 and I'm nearly 50 now. I pestered my Mum for them for ages and finally, finally I got some. I was so excited and can still remember the day, my 8th birthday. I have had a few pairs since. I have 2 pair (a red and white) at the moment. I've just ordered black, navy, tan and another pair of white. Most USA companies who sell them will not ship to Australia. Likewise UK won't ship either. I've had to order through a USA company and ship it to another company in USA who will then ship it to Australia! Crazy! I hope this works and they arrive safely. Also a bit of confusion re sizes because USA sizes are different to EUR which are different to UK!

I'm not sure if the wooden Scholls (which I have now) are quite the same as the old ones because I seem to remember the bump under the toe was quite raised back in the 1970s and it doesn't seem to be as high any more. They are still a fabulous shoe and look amazing with jeans, maxi dresses, short dresses etc. I don't think they will ever go out of fashion.

If you have a pair, look after them. Lots of leather conditioner for the strap and re-sole the rubber at the bootmaker before it gets low enough to wear down the wood. It's worth it. With some care, they will last for years. I'm so scared they will stop making them altogether. I also bought a brand new pale blue pair at our local op shop about 2 years ago and gave them to my friend as she saw them on Sex and the City and wanted some! They fitted me and I was torn between wanting them myself and wanting to be a kind friend. I chose to be a kind friend. I already had some anyway but .... I'd never seen them in light blue before and they were pretty.

At first, they really are a bit uncomfortable in the strap part to wear in (blisters) but once you get there and it softens up, I think they would have to be the most comfortable shoe to ever wear. So persevere and wear just for a short time each day for a while.

I'm happy to read there are others like me who are loyal fans over many years!


Sharon M.T.


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